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  • Laura Fargas Green of Ordinary Time

    Laura Fargas

    Poems by Laura Fargas have appeared in Atlantic Monthly, Georgia Review, Paris Review, and Poetry. She is the author of two full-length collections: The Green of Ordinary Time (Washington…

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  • Robert Williams

    Robert Williams

    Born and raised in Augusta, Georgia, home of the Masters golf tournament and James Brown. The youngest of seven siblings. Had a well-fed and fun childhood: good grades, ranch…

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  • AnkneyCROPPED

    Christopher Ankney

      Reviews Hearsay is a collection of poems whose experiences are verified by Ankney’s rich and subtle imagination. He has teased out the imperative (Here, say) hidden in…

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    Michelle Chan Brown

    Michelle Chan Brown was born in London and grew up in Prague, Krakow, Moscow, Belgrade and Kiev. Her first book, Double Agent, was winner of the 2012 Kore…

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  • Patricia-Schultheis-Portrait

    Patricia Schultheis

    Patricia Schultheis grew up in Bridgeport, Connecticut, as the second of her Polish-American parents’ three daughters. Struck by polio when she was six-years-old, she became an introspective child,…

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  • Kathleen Hellen

    Kathleen Hellen

    Kathleen Hellen’s poems have appeared in numerous journals and were featured on WYPR’s The Signal. Her chapbook The Girl Who Loved Mothra was published in 2010 by Finishing Line Press….

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  • Robert Herschbach

    Robert Herschbach

    Robert Herschbach was born in Champaign, Illinois, and grew up in College Park, Maryland. His poems have appeared in The Ampersand Review, The Country Dog Review, Fine Madness,…

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  • Bernard Jankowski

    Bernard Jankowski

    Bernard Jankowski’s poems have appeared or are forthcoming inBaltimore Review, Cumberland Poetry Review, G.W. Review, Monocacy Valley Review, Poet Lore, Potomac Review, Sycamore Review, Visions—International, Willow Review, and Wordwrights! He…

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  • come-looking

    Dan Johnson

    Dan Johnson’s books of poetry are Come Looking (WWPH, 1995), Glance West (Sedwick House, 1989), and Suggestions from the Border (State Street Press, 1983). His poems have appeared in a variety of journals, including Hawaii…

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  • Holly Karapetkova

    Holly Karapetkova

    WWPH’s forthcoming 2010 poetry contest winner, Words We Might One Day Say by Holly Karapetkova (October 15, 2010), explores subjects of love and loss, marriage and domesticity, parenting and motherhood….

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  • heaven

    Catherine Kimrey

    Catherine Kimrey’s debut novel, When We All Get to Heaven, won the 2003 Washington Writers’ Publishing House fiction competition. Kimrey grew up in North Carolina and lives near the…

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  • reluctant-agent

    Phillip Kurata

    Phillip Kurata grew up in Lawrence, Kansas about 40 miles west of Kansas City. He studied at Kansas University where he received a Bachelor’s degree in 1968 and…

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  • barbara lefcowitz

    Barbara Lefcowitz

    Barbara F. Lefcowitz has just published her seventh collection of poetry, The Politics of Snow: 100 New Poems. It was published by Dancing Moon Press in Newport, Oregon, as…

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  • working-vocabulary

    Sid Gold

    A native New Yorker, Sid Gold is a two-time recipient of a Maryland State Arts Council Individual Artist Award for Poetry, and a first prize winner in the California…

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  • mystery-schools

    Bruce MacKinnon

    Bruce MacKinnon’s poems have appeared in many magazines and journals, including Salmagundi, Boulevard, Poet Lore, The Literary Review, The Sewanee Review, and Poetry Northwest, for which he won the Richard Hugo Prize. He has…

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  • hogback-mountain

    Elaine Magarrell

    Elaine Magarrell was born in the Mississippi River town of Clinton, Iowa and lived in Iowa for forty-five years. She majored in English Literature at the University of…

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  • DavidMcAleavey

    David McAleavey

    Interview with David McAleavey Q: How and when did you find out that your book was being published? As my book was published in 1985, it’s hard to…

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  • E Ethelbert Miller

    E. Ethelbert Miller

    Interview with E. Ethelbert Miller Q: How and when did you find out that your book was being published? Gosh, that was back in the 1970s. I really…

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  • moon-mercury

    Elisabeth Murawski

    Elisabeth Murawski, like the T’ang dynasty poet Han-Shan whom she deeply admires, divides her time between a government job and writing poetry. She finds it amusing that Han-Shan…

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  • other-side-of-now

    Sharon Negri

    Sharon Negri was born in Coming, New York. She earned degrees from Albany State University and Cornell University. Her work has appeared in several publications, including Rolling Stone, The…

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  • jean-nordhaus

    Jean Nordhaus

    Born in Baltimore, Maryland, Jean Nordhaus received a Ph.D. in German Literature from Yale University and has worked as a teacher and as Poetry Coordinator at the Folger…

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  • temporary-apprehensions

    Patric Pepper

    Patric Pepper was born, and lives, in Washington D.C. His poems have appeared in various magazines and anthologies, including Confrontation, The Distillery, Medicinal Purposes Literary Review and The Comstock Review. His…

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  • FaithReyherJackson

    Faith Reyher Jackson

    Faith Reyher Jackson, winner of the 2002 Washington Writers Award, has had “Nine Lives” in numerous geographies, as a dancer and choreographer, teacher and editor. Her 1997 biography…

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  • Elisavietta Ritchie

    Elisavietta Ritchie

    Elisavietta Ritchie’s Raking The Snow won the Washington Writers Publishing House 1981 poetry manuscript competition, and for the 1982 book editor Shirley Cochrane selected poems from what were several quasi-chapbooks…

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  • Kim_MigDooley

    Kim Roberts

    Kim Roberts is the author of four books of poems: Fortune’s Favor: Scott in the Antarctic (Poetry Mutual, 2015), Animal Magnetism (Pearl Editions, 2011), The Kimnama (Vrzhu Press/Poetry Mutual,…

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  • Other Authors

    Hastings Wyman, Jr., Certain Patterns Terence Winch, Luncheonette Jealousy Hilary Tham, Tin Mines and Concubines Joseph C. Thackery, The Dark Above Mad River Octave Stevenson, The Poet Upstairs, An Anthology Of Washington Area…

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  • catherine-bell-

    Catherine Bell

    Catherine Bell grew up in a New England family with a sense of its past as distinguished and its culture superior, as chronicled in many of her short…

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  • Ankney

    Christopher Ankney

    Christopher Ankney grew up in Defiance, Ohio, at the confluence of the Maumee and Auglaize Rivers. He earned a B.A. in Creative Writing at Miami University in 2004…

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  • children-of-apartness

    Maria Upton

    Review of Children of Apartness In Children of Apartness Upton is determined to make a poetry allied with the forces of life. “This is about words,” she says in the…

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  • Kathleen-Wheaton-picture

    Kathleen Wheaton

    Kathleen Wheaton was born in Germany and grew up in California, where she attended Stanford University. She then received an MFA from Boston University. Her fiction has appeared…

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  • david ebenbach

    David Ebenbach

    David Ebenbach is the author of another book of short stories—Between Camelots (University of Pittsburgh Press)—and a non-fiction guide to creativity called The Artist’s Torah (Cascade Books, forthcoming). His poetry has…

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  • dan_gutstein-840x600

    Dan Gutstein

    Dan Gutstein is also the author of non/fiction (stories, Edge Books, 2010). His writing has appeared in more than 65 publications, includingPloughshares, Prairie Schooner, American Scholar, The Iowa Review, Denver…

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  • melanie s hatter

    Melanie S. Hatter

    The Color of My Soul Living in Southwest Virginia in 1993, Kira Franklin begins to question her own culture when she pursues a story on a local Cherokee…

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  • andrew wingfield

    Andrew Wingfield

    WWPH’s 2010 fiction contest winner, Right of Way by Andrew Wingfield (October 15, 2010), details the lives of a rich spectrum of  residents in Cleave Springs, a fictional suburb of…

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  • _jehanne_dubrow

    Jehanne Dubrow

    WWPH’s forthcoming 2009 poetry contest winner, From the Fever-World (October 15, 2009), is an extended meditation on Eastern European Jewry in a world before Auschwitz, transgressive, erotic, and rooted in…

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  • 223_Brandel-France-de-Bravo

    Brandel France de Bravo

    Brandel France de Bravo’s poetry has appeared in Fugue, The Kenyon Review, Black Warrior Review and The American Voice, as well as in anthologies such as The Beacon Best of 1999, Creative Writing by…

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  • david a taylor

    David A. Taylor

    Success: Stories is the 2008 winner of the Washington Writers’ Publishing House fiction prize. These stories probe the lives of people caught in an increasingly intertwined world, close to home…

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  • and silent left the place

    Elizabeth Bruce

    Elizabeth Bruce, a small town Texas native who has lived in Washington, D.C., since 1983, has twice received literary and acting fellowships from the D.C. Commission on the…

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  • noras-army

    Denis Collins

    Denis Collins has been a journalist with the Washington Post, Miami Herald and San Jose Mercury News, and a freelance writer in New Zealand, Belgium and the Netherlands. Spying:…

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  • laura brylawski miller

    Laura Brylawski-Miller

    Laura Brylawski-Miller, who was born and grew up in Italy, holds an undergraduate degree in medicine and received an MFA in Creative Writing from American University. She has…

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  • carly sachs

    Carly Sachs

    Carly Sachs teaches creative writing at George Washington University. With Reb Livingston, she curates the Burlesque Poetry Hour at Bar Rouge in Washington, D.C. Her poems have been…

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  • gagarin-street

    Piotr Gwiazda

    Piotr Gwiazda was born in Olsztyn, Poland, in 1973 and came to the United States in 1991. His published works include Gagarin Street(WWPH, 2005) and James Merrill and W.H. Auden:…

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  • egan

    Moira Egan

    Moira Egan’s poems have appeared in many journals including POETRY, American Letters & Commentary, Boulevard, and The Laurel Review, and in the anthologies Kindled Terraces: American Poets in Greece and Lofty Dogmas: Poets on…

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  • katherine smith

    Katherine Smith

    Katherine Smith was born in California and raised in Tennessee. She received her M.F.A. from the University of Virginia. Her poems have appeared in Poetry, Shenandoah, The Laurel Review,…

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  • hero-surf

    Anne Sheldon

    Anne Sheldon was born in Washington, DC, and graduated from Swarthmore College. Formerly a children’s librarian, she lives in Silver Spring, Maryland, with two cats, where she is…

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  • escaping-words

    Margaret Weaver

    Margaret Weaver is a native of Illinois. Now retired as a tree farmer (Maine) and English teacher (Maryland), she travels to Illinois and Alaska as a practicing grandmother. Her…

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  • shepherdess

    Jane Satterfield

    Jane Satterfield, who was born in England and educated in the U.S., holds an MFA from the University of Iowa Writers’ Workshop. Her works include two poetry collections, Shepherdess…

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  • american-boy

    Dean Smith

    Dean Smith’s poems have appeared in Poetry East, Open City, The Pearl, The Virginia Literary Review, The Charlotte Review, and Gulf Stream,among others. His first book of poems, American Boy won the…

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  • evidence

    Catherine Harnett Shaw

    Interview with Catherine Harnett Shaw Q: How and when did you find out that your book was being published? I can’t remember exactly where I was when I…

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  • invisible-season

    Ramola D

    Ramola D holds an MFA in Poetry from George Mason University, and an MBA and a BS in Physics from the University of Madras, India. She has taught…

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  • balbo

    Ned Balbo

    Ned Balbo’s first poetry collection, Galileo’s Banquet (WWPH, 1998), was awarded the Towson University Prize. Another collection, Lives of the Sleepers (University of Notre Dame Press, 2005), received the Ernest Sandeen Poetry…

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  • kings-highway

    Nancy Carlson

    Nancy Naomi Carlson was born in Brooklyn, New York and was educated at Queens College. She earned her Ph.D. at the University of Maryland. Her poems have appeared…

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  • Sid Gold reading2

    Sid Gold

    Sid Gold was born in Harlem’s Sydenham Hospital and raised in various boroughs of New York City. A child of the working class, he has worked on a…

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  • tapping-this-stone

    Jane Schapiro

    Jane Schapiro was raised in St. Louis, Missouri.  She received a B.A. in Anthropology from The Colorado College and did graduate work at George Mason University.  She has…

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  • double-helix

    Barri Armitage

    Born in Columbus, Ohio, Barri Armitage grew up in Akron and attended Muskingum College (BA) and Syracuse University (MA). She has lived in Germany, New York, Hawaii, Georgia,…

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  • only-the-raw

    Naomi Thiers

    Naomi Thiers was raised in California and Pittsburgh. For the past 11 years, she has made her home in Washington, D.C., where she has worked as a counselor…

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  • red-eye-of-jupiter

    Patricia Garfinkel

    Patricia Garfinkel grew up in and around New York City except for an interval in California. She graduated from New York University in history and political science. From…

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  • wild-card

    Martin Galvin

    Martin Galvin received his Ph. D. in American Literature from the University of Maryland. He has taught for 30 years in the Bethesda area and currently teaches a…

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  • farewell-goodbye1

    Paul R. Haenel

    Paul R. Haenel was born and raised in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. He was graduated from Penn State University in 1975 with a B.A. in English. After four years as…

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  • captains that dogs arent

    Ron Rodriguez

    Ron Rodriguez, Puerto Rican poet, studied with Allen Ginsberg, William Burroughs and Anne Waldman at Naropa Institute. Has appeared in the following anthologies: The Trip-The Guide Through Contemporary…

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  • cavalieri

    Grace Cavalieri

    Grace Cavalieri has written fourteen books and chapbooks of poetry, as well as several plays. She has produced and hosted “The Poet and the Poem” from the Library…

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