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Jacob Weber

Jacob Weber is a translator living in Maryland. He has been a Marine, a retail clerk and manager, a waiter at a Korean restaurant, and a volunteer mentor and English tutor to immigrant adult learners. He is currently a fiction reader for The Baltimore Review. Like nearly everyone living in the D.C. region, Jacob is from Ohio, where he graduated from Walsh University after his enlistment in the Marine Corps. He has an M.A. in English with a concentration in creative writing from the University of Illinois at Chicago. He blogs about workshops, fiction, doubt, rejection, why the Lord of the Rings movies make him angry, and whether fiction is really good for you at workshopheretic.blogspot.com.He has published fiction in The Potomac Review, The Green Hills Literary Lantern, The Baltimore Review, and Bartleby Snopes. He has written a novel on the adventures of a translator of a pretend language for a government agency.

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