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Robert Williams

Robert Williams

striversBorn and raised in Augusta, Georgia, home of the Masters golf tournament and James Brown. The youngest of seven siblings. Had a well-fed and fun childhood: good grades, ranch house with a sprawling yard, big Sunday dinners, occasional beach vacations, color TV with cable, Matchbox cars, hide-and-go-seek, kickball.

Good parents, book-loving educators both; no childhood drama, save a few dog bites and not wanting to go to kindergarten and Sunday school. Went off to Northwestern University, survived Freshman year, played trumpet in the finest marching band in the land, and eventually got a degree in English Literature and Writing.  Asked a career counselor what to do next and he replied “What do you liketo do?” I  told him I like to write.  He said “Have you thought about marketing and advertising?”  I thought about it and went to grad school at the University of Georgia’s Grady School of Journalism and Mass Communications to study that. Moved to the Washington, D.C. area in ’93 and have been here ever since.

About Strivers and Other Stories

Set between the 1920s and the present day, STRIVERS AND OTHER STORIES explores a range of African-American and Southern voices reflecting characters striving towards their versions of the American dream. In 13 stories, we meet teachers and doctors, train porters and factory workers, soldiers and musicians; mothers, fathers, children and spouses; mentors and mentees. With a mix of humor and heart, satire and sentiment, this collection captures their everyday struggles for better lives and their hopes for promising futures.

For more information about Robert Williams and his writing, visit http://rbtwms.com


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